As you all may know, everywhere on the internet is all about the #10YearChallenge. So naturally a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon including Malaysians.

Plenty of local celebrities took part in the challenge and some of them are pretty unique and hilarious, but since most Malaysians are quite kepoh, many are actually waiting for 2 infamous Malaysian figures to take part in the challenge; Nur Sajat and Safiey Ilias.

So after many requests, Sajat finally puts up a photo of her from 10 years ago versus now. But what shocked many is that she admitted that she used to win the crown for Miss Kebaya Malaysia in 2009. Not to mention, she also admitted that she is a “hermaphrodite” for the first time in public.

“I used to win Miss Kebaya 2009, I believed I’ve maintained my figure until now. You may feel nauseated hearing this from me, but what matters is that I used to be crowned,” she wrote on her Instagram.


“Even though many are unable to accept my beauty, I am born a beauty! It is because I’m a hermaphrodite, that’s why my beauty is something unique,” she added.

It is not known if what she said is true, but we tried to do a little bit of digging and unfortunately we couldn’t find any info on Miss Kebaya Malaysia 2009. The aforementioned’s Facebook page only started in 2014.

So we decided to reach out to the Miss Kebaya Malaysia organisation for confirmation and here’s what the founder Jason Hee Jee Pin has to say.

“Miss Kebaya Malaysia officially started in 2011 in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture,” he explained to Hype Malaysia, adding that he doesn’t recall having a winner named Nur Sajat.

Meanwhile, Safiey Ilias also shared her photos from 10 years ago and she proudly admitted that she has nothing to hide.

“A lot of people are asking for it. Done! Proud to be myself. I have nothing to hide. This is my 10 years challenge,” she said on her post.

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