Former “Dewi Remaja” finalist Ernisha who is known for her hijab-clad image shocked the public when she appeared without her hijab in a viral video that has been leaked on social media.

In the video, the 23-year-old was hijab-less, instead she wore a cap, a jacket and a bralette in a nightclub where she partied in a nightclub alongside her friends and fellow ex contestants of “Dewi Remaja”.


However, the model who is also a former participant of “Mentor” admitted that she occasionally puts on and takes off her hijab even before the clubbing incident.

“My faith is shaken because I was criticised even though I wear hijab, so I sometime questioned myself if wearing hijab is the right decision,” she told Hijabista magazine in an interview.

Nevertheless, her excuse of taking off her hijab occasionally is expectedly not accepted by the public including Malaysian director and producer Michael Ang who took to his social media to comment on the issue.

“What statement are you giving? You’re saying that you put on and take off your hijab because people criticised you?” he shared on his personal Instagram.

“I’ve never heard of people criticising someone who wear hijab. Usually when someone started to wear hijab, a lot of people will be thankful and they will give the person many encouraging words.”


“People will only criticised you if you take off and put on the hijab whenever you want. Stop giving out stupid statements… This is Malaysia, if you just keep quiet, another 2 or 3 months, people will soon forget all about it,” said Ang.

A lot of commenters agreed with the advice given by the filmmaker and they applaud him for understanding about the religion despite being a non-Muslim.

Nevertheless, Ernisha said that for now she needed sometime to reflect herself and she hopes that she will learn from her mistake and be a better person.

“I am asking guidance from God and let him decide which path is I should take. Do pray that I will continue wearing hijab and that I’ll be able to right my wrong,” she said.

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