Last year, actor Zul Ariffin was rumoured to be in a relationship with Ukranian lady Tanya Glembotska but the actor immediately  denied the rumours saying that Tanya is only a friend.

Fast forward to today, new rumours surfaced saying that the pair had allegedly gotten married in Thailand when photos of Zul and Tanya spending their holiday in Phuket had gone viral on social media, and Tanya even called Zul her “husband”.


Again, Zul denied the rumours claiming that those are old photos, but according to several reports, the photos were taken recently.

Yesterday, Tanya who is a dancer, opened a new Instagram account to voice out what she has gone through since the rumours broke out. “First of all, I would like to thank a few who are Muslims for the sake of humiliating me, as a Christian who slowly wants to know this religion, I am overwhelmed by your efforts.”

“I love dancing and I’m a dancer, but it’s all in the past now, I’m from a country that does not discriminate against an individual’s interests, like being a dancer,” she said.

A few days after the rumours between Tanya and Zul broke out, a video of Tanya and her friend dancing sexily in a nightclub also surfaced. This caused more commotion amongst netizens online.


“I’m sorry that my way of dressing is quite eye-catching, but I’m Ukrainian Christian, not Malay or Muslim. Does not in Al-Quran say no to bring down one’s dignity? Humiliating and belittling someone? You shame your own image with such thoughts. Lastly, I forgive you all, I’m not judgmental, God bless you all,” she wrote on her post.

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