It has been rumoured that local actor Zul Ariffin is in a rumoured relationship with a Ukranian girl named Tanya Glembotska.

The rumour started to circulate when Zul went to Phuket to learn Muay Thai and has uploaded some of the photos on his Instagram. Coincidentally, some really extreme fans have found that Zul went to Phuket with a Ukrainian girl as questionable photos of them together were seen on the woman’s Instagram.

Fans even shared the screenshots of those photos online which has now gone viral. Though the photos don’t reveal Zul’s face, fans have highlighted several proofs to show that the two were together.

Some of the photos include the girl having her hand inked with Zul’s name on her middle finger, and Zul even commented on the girl’s Instagram photos and stories.

Source: OhBulan
Source: OhBulan
Source: OhBulan

Nevertheless, Zul refuses to comment on his relationship with the Ukrainian woman, adding that he was in Phuket for training, and the girl is just one of his friends. (Right…)

“She is just someone I came to know while I was in Phuket. Coincidentally, we attended the same Muay Thai training session. If possible, I don’t want to elaborate further on this as I know that my answer won’t please everyone. People will continue to make their own assumptions either way,” said Zul as reported by NST.

Source: NST / Featured Image: Astro Awani

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