The ” Men in Black” are back to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe. With “Men In Black International” though, the franchise is shifting the focus from Agents J and K to a new team of duo.

“Thor: Ragnarok” co-stars Chris Hemsworth (Agent H) and Tessa Thompson (Agent M) are taking a break from the world of Norse mythology and Marvel comics to fight crime in dapper outfits. Dubbed as “kind of a sequel and a reboot all rolled into one”, the story will focus the fact that there’s a mole in the Men in Black organisation.

(It’s) a sort of reinvention, an opening up of the original franchise that aesthetically is a lot different,” said Hemsworth. “Like the geography of this one, we’re not just in New York — we’re in Istanbul, Italy, London.”

Although neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones aren’t expected to slip into their suits for the new story, we’ll get to see Emma Thompson reprise her role from 2012’s “Men in Black 3” as the secret government organisation’s big boss, Agent O. Directed by F. Gary Gray, here are 7 other fun facts about “Men In Black International”:

1. A different era.

Men In Black International

We’re actually taking it back in time and saying that International exists in many cities around the world, and maybe even started a century ago,” production designer Charles Wood noted.

2. Tessa Thompson’s excitement on being the first “Woman in Black”.

Men In Black International

I think you do have the chance inside all of this escapism to say something, and make a movie that has heart and that has satire and that holds up a mirror to our stuff,” she told Entertainment Weekly.


3. Chris Hemsworth struggled in shaking off his Thor mindset.

Men In Black International

Thor’s stunts are wildly complicated, but it feels like an atomic bomb goes off with each of those (hammer) hits. Everything is sort of magnified to a level that is so nonhuman. Whereas this, we have to keep grounding it,” Hemsworth recalled.

There’s always a part of it where I’m like, ‘Can I do a flip or just sort of leap from this building to that one?’ and they’re like, ‘Nah, humans don’t do that sort of thing’,” he said with a laugh. “So they have to rein me in occasionally.”

4. Rebecca Ferguson is a “seductive alien” named Riza.

You probably remember the actress for her captivating performance in “The Greatest Showman”. For this role though, Ferguson’s character reportedly has “Saturn-ringed hair and third arm”, and “would look right at home in Beetlejuice’s waiting room”.

5. Kumail Nanjiani’s “new alien sidekick” character, Pawny.

He’s the last survivor of an alien race that had been hiding out on Earth disguised as a chess set,” Nanjiani revealed, “and he has some major self-esteem issues.”

6. More aliens as agents.

For those wearing black suit and white shirt uniform of the Men In Black (like the dapper purple alien with blue-hued mushroom-like growths), it’s safe to assume they’re agents. Beside the purple alien is a brown fin-like design on her head with a tan and pink colour throughout and no nose.

Swipe to the next and you’ll see a bright red alien with bulging eyes and protruding ears. There’s also another alien with all green skin with large rounded eyes and a pointed nose.

7. The “Les Twins,” Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, contributed with some wildly acrobatic fight scenes.

The twins are out-of-this-world incredible, amazing,” Hemsworth gushed. “It’s like some sort of high-speed, very postproduction altered state.”

“Men In Black International” debuts in local cinemas 13th June 2019.

Source: Pop Sugar.

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