When Disney released the first looks to live-action “Aladdin” movie, many people had some strong feelings about it. Despite the complains, the majority were left thirsting for Marwan Kenzari.

The 35-year-old Dutch actor will portray the iconic villain Jafar, or rather Hot Jafar, as he’s become known. Forget Aladdin, Princess Jasmine should totally consider pairing up with the hot baddie. Not only is Kenzari easy on the eye, but his resume is also pretty impressive. Get to know him better with these fun facts:

Source: Men’s Health/ Disney

1. Born on 16th January 1983, Kenzari is of Dutch and Tunisian descent and holds dual citizenship in both countries.


2. Initially he had no interest in becoming an actor. It was through his girlfriend that he discovered his passion of acting.

3. Variety reported that his beau at the time signed them up to audition for a local stage production of “Chicago”.

4. He won a Golden Calf award for best actor at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2013. His breakthrough film was titled “Wolf”.

Heavy.com wrote: “As Majid, a talented kickboxer who succumbs to the world of gambling and organised crime, Kenzari earned international praise from critics.”

5. He speaks Arabic, Dutch, French and English. Pretty impressive huh?

6. “Aladdin” isn’t his first Hollywood project. You may have seen him in “Ben-Hur”, “The Promise”, “The Mummy”, and “Murder on the Orient Express”. The handsome actor is also in Netflix’s Egyptian spy drama “The Angel”.

7. According to Alba Theatre director Saskia Mees, Kenzari previously proclaim that “I want to be the new Al Pacino”.

Source: Vulture

8. Having said that, he has a hard time watching himself onscreen. “I find it quite difficult to watch the film once it is done, because in your head or imagination it is totally different,” Kenzari told the Quietus.

9. He has a love-hate relationship with the entertainment industry. “I dislike the fact that being an actor can make you a bit selfish sometimes,” he says. “During a shoot, (that’s) the only thing you live for. Explaining (to friends and family) why you’re away and not responding to calls and messages can be difficult.”

10. You can watch him working out for 3 minutes in this YouTube video – shirtless.


11. Also, have y’all seen these thirst tweets?

To quote the Twitter user above, we will be rooting for evil when “Aladdin” hits cinemas. Lol!

Sources: Heavy, Variety, Vulture.

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