The gender identity of beauty entrepreneur Nur Sajat has become one of the trending issues in Malaysia once again.

Recently, a local news portal has revealed the cosmetic millionaire’s real name, which turns out to be Muhammad Sajjad Bin Kamaruz Zaman.

The 33-year-old was charged for failing to furnish Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns. Her name which has been listed in the court documents is a male name but the businesswoman refuted the claims saying that the reporters have made false reports.

Now, a photocopy of an Identity Card (IC) with the name Muhammad Sajjad Bin Kamaruz Zaman has surfaced online. Though the face on the IC has been concealed, many believed that it belonged to the “Bobo Di Mana” singer.

Source: Utusan Online
Source: Sinar FM

As reported by mStar, Sajat has clarified that her name has no “Muhammad”, but only “Sajat Kamaruz Zaman.” The businesswoman also said that “Nur Sajat” is only her nickname on social media as well as her company name.

When asked if she is ready to show her IC to the public as proof, Sajat said, “Why do I need to show my IC just to please the people? What if the people misuse it. There are a lot of scammers nowadays, I have to be careful.”

“IC is a private document, so please respect my privacy,” she commented.

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