Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend Choi Jongbum, who were both involved in an assault case, will be charged for causing bodily harm.

Meanwhile, Choi Jongbum will also be indicted for blackmail and sexual violence charges. Both of them will be sent to the prosecutor’s office before 9th November.

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As the 2 of them had given conflicting statements to police, police called them in for a cross-interrogation on 15th October. During investigations, police also found more explicit photos of Goo Hara, which were “enough to cause sexual humiliation from (Goo Hara’s) point of view”. The photos also appeared to have been taken without her consent.


While the case initially started as an assault case, with Choi Jongbum accusing Goo Hara of assaulting him, it has since evolved into a sexual harassment case.

Choi Jongbum threatened to release their sex tape to the public, which, according to Goo Hara, was filmed without her knowledge. This is known as “revenge porn” in South Korea, and falls under different laws.

As such, a petition has been made on the Blue House website in support of Goo Hara, with it garnering more than 200 thousand signatures.

Goo Hara
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A different investigation team has also been formed for this case, which comprised of members from the Criminal Department, Intellectual Crimes Department, Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division, the Sophisticated Crime Investigation Unit and the Cybercrime Investigation Unit.

Source: soompi.

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