Things tend to turn ugly whenever a couple breaks up. Exhibit A: the fall out between former flames Goo Hara (구하라) and Choi Jong Bum.

Last month, the former member from South Korean girl group KARA made public photos of physical abuse caused by her ex-boyfriend. A few days ago, the female singer press charges against her former beau for threatening to release their sex tape. Choi is now retaliating.

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It seems that Choi had reached a breaking point after his car, working license and other unspecified property were confiscated as a result of Hara’s charges. Although the pop star had accused him of his sexual violent behaviour, her ex insists that it was never a one-sided assault. To prove his point, he has released some disturbing images of his assault that happened on 13th September.


Choi Jong Bum’s attorney was quoted as saying, “She directly attacked him and scratched his face. Then as he was trying to stop her, Goo Hara sustained some injuries as well. It is true that these were caused by Choi Jong Bum as Goo Hara claims. The couple’s quarrel began in the closet room of Goo Hara’s home and eventually led to a physical fight.”

Goo Hara
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Through his attorney, Choi also addressed the sex tape that many netizens have referred to as “revenge porn”. “The video was not filmed in secret. Revenge porn is when a man leaks a video to threaten a woman who wants to break up with him as revenge, but this is the exact opposite case. In relation to the video, it is in fact Choi Jong Bum who is the victim. It’s already been revealed through the video how it was filmed and it wasn’t Choi Jong Bum who led the filming of the video. He wasn’t trying to reveal the video, he simply wanted to get legal compensation for his injuries,” the rep added.

With the police investigation going on, Choi has vowed to prove his innocence with the following:

1. Choi’s actions were only limited to pressing ‘send’ in front of Hara on the day of the incident;
2. The sexual relations footage was filmed due to Goo Hara’s suggestion;
3. Choi never posted the footage on any online or SNS platform;
4. Choi did not mean to report the footage to ‘Dispatch’, only evidence of the scars that Goo Hara made on his face;
5. Choi never asked Goo Hara to get on her knees and apologise;
6. After the date of the incident, 13th September, Choi has never had direct contact with Goo Hara and therefore never threatened or forced Goo Hara in any circumstance.

Source: Soompi

What do y’all think of the drama between them?

Sources: Koreaboo, All Kpop.

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