Patricia Knudsen (or Patricia K) and Sophia Sue-Lin are finally together again! The mother-daughter duo were reunited last week after 3 months of not seeing one another.

I just wanna say thank you to everyone for all the kind and loving messages (sorry I can’t reply most of you) but I’m with Sophia and my time goes to her right now. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for being so supporting. I’m really happy right now and so is my family,” Patricia wrote.

Source: Instagram Stories

Over the past few days, Patricia has been spending some quality time over at her dad’s home in Denmark. Patricia’s sisters Christina and Shanette have also been carrying out aunty duties during the joyous Knudsen family reunion. If you’ve been following Patricia on her Insta-stories, you’d have watch videos of Sophia have fun at the park and a funfair.


Yesterday (Tuesday, 23rd October), Patricia also took her 75.3k Instagram followers a trip down memory lane. She showed us a series of old photos hanging on wall and explained their sentiments. The mother-of-one also delved into her personal life, recalling the time when her father and mother divorced and went separate ways.

Source: Instagram Stories

My dad and mum got divorced when I was around 13. He got custody of all 3 of us girls and my mum moved back to Malaysia. He raised us alone (don’t know how he did). I don’t remember him ever really raising his voice at us or said bad words about my mother (even when I know and saw that there were a lot of issues without them having to tell me) and he always put us first and gave us what we wanted and needed. Even when my wish was for a pony on my birthday,” Patricia wrote.

She continued, “We all 3 (saw) everything he did and what he does now and how he sacrificed so much for us even when he probably didn’t have much. Thanks for teaching us good morals, love, values, and about hard work. So much respect and you showed us what a good dad is all about. You always put our needs way ahead of your own. We love you.”

It’s a really nice dedication to her dad isn’t it?

Source/ Featured image: Patricia’s Instagram.

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