The yet-untitled “Avengers 4” is currently making headlines due to a newly-leaked behind-the-scenes photo. We have Gwyneth Paltrow to thank for that.

The Oscar-winning actress will be reprising her role in “Avengers 4” as Pepper Potts. In addition, her character will also have a new superhero identity: Rescue. This further confirms previous rumours that Pepper Potts will be donning her own suit of armour.

Pepper Potts


The image shows Paltrow in full selfie mode while donning a motion capture suit. In the close-up photo, the actress is seen in a high-neck suit with her blonde hair pulled back, posing in front of a green screen. Its colours are purple and silver with a few blank spots in sight (such as the chest plate where an energy source would be). It’s safe to assume that it’ll be covered up with CGI.

Unlike the original design in the comics, the Rescue armour isn’t the red and silver colour scheme. Instead, it matches the colour scheme of the Rescue toy that recently leaked. We don’t know yet if Pepper getting her own Iron Woman moment as Rescue is a one-time-only thing. However, Tony Stark is expected to bow out at the end of Phase 3. This would open up new slots for recurring characters to don a robot suit.

Pepper Potts

As you may know, Marvel Studios is very tight-lipped about their movie plots. Cast and crew are prohibited from taking photos and videos unless they’ve been authorised by the studio. Since Paltrow didn’t leaked the selfie herself, fans are speculating that she sent it to someone. Somehow, that image got circulated around before going viral on the internet.

Paltrow is one of the few actors who have been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the very beginning. It’s about damn time they gave her character a suit of her own. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige also teased that the majority of superheroes in the MCU moving forward would soon be females.

Source: MCU Tweets

Are y’all excited to see Pepper wear the Rescue armour in “Avengers 4”?

Sources: Movie Web, Screen Rant.

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