Yesterday, beauty entrepreneur Dato Seri Vida (DSV) held a press conference to formally explain the ongoing argument between her and veteran singer Wan Aishah, winner of local singing competition “Gegar Vaganza” season 4.

From the press conference, Dato Vida (real name, Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman) has demanded Aishah to firstly; apologise for using the word “fake” on her jewellery, secondly; both parties need to have a meet-up with each other to settle their differences, and thirdly; Aishah needs to erase all the statements issued on her social media.

“Because of the word ‘fake’, my business have dropped extremely, especially my jewellery store (DSV Gold & Jewellery)! It’s not easy to build up the business and brand, and not it’s ruined just like that,” Vida said at the press conference.

DSV’s lawyer Zailan Mohamed explained that in DSV’s sponsorship contract for “Gegar Vaganza”, the value of the jewellery is not stated and it is only an additional prize.

Vida admitted that she previously stated that the jewellery given are worth RM80k, because the value  of the whole necklace includes the white gold chain and blue sapphire, on top of the cubic zirconia stone., and she is also giving a whole set of jewelleries and not just the necklace.

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She confessed that when she bought the necklace, she did not know that it has cubic zirconia stone, because the stone has another name called Swiss diamond, which she added has its own value and class.

“I’ve bought the necklace from overseas quite sometime ago and I bought it because I like it. It’s a beautiful necklace. I didn’t know it has another name. But the necklace doesn’t just come with the stone, it is covered with real white gold and real blue sapphire. Just because of that one stone, why is the whole jewellery labelled as fake? What about the white gold chain? Those are real white gold! And the blue sapphire?”

Vida shared a video during the press conference explaining about the synthetic blue sapphire stone, which she insisted is still consider as real sapphire stone.

It has also been revealed that Vida gave out the jewellery not only to Aishah but also other winners like Liza Hanim and Lan Kristal, who was the 1st and 2nd-runner up of “Gegar Vaganza 4”, and both of them didn’t say anything about the jewellery.

Dato Seri Vida said that she will only apologise to Aishah after the latter fulfil the 3 demands she requested as mentioned above.

At the same time, Dato Vida also commented on her usage of the word “sendu” which has caused several local artists in the industry to start a boycotting move on the “Pamoga” businesswoman.

“For me, the word ‘sendu’ means when you’re no longer active in the industry and has been staying low for quite sometime. I sometime use the word on myself too, especially when my business is slow. I don’t see it as a hurtful word, but if you are hurt by it, then make sure that you do something so that you won’t be label as ‘sendu’!”

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