Entrepreneur-turned-singer Dato Seri Vida has gotten herself in a hot mess after veteran singer Aishah, winner of “Gegar Vaganza 4” has exposed that the former has given fake jewelleries to the latter as prize for the singing competition.

Vida defended herself saying that Aishah does not understand that the value of the jewellery will drop over time, and some of Vida supporters even condemned Aishah for making up stories.  After receiving all kinds of accusations, Ashah decided to visit a local jewellery store and proved that her words are real.

Aishah has uploaded 2 videos to serve as proofs that the jewellery she received from “Gegar Vaganza 4” is indeed fake. “Plenty of accusations were thrown at me, so please listen to what the experts from a local jewellery store have to say,” Aishah expressed on her Instagram.

According to the 53-year-old, the diamond detector will have a long beep sound if it senses real, genuine diamond. So Aishah let the staff checked her diamond ring 1st to show that diamond from her ring is real. But when Aishah passed Vida’s necklace to be examined, the detector didn’t make a sound.

Aishah mentioned that she didn’t want to settle the problem this way but previously when she approached the organiser as well as Vida’s representative behind the scene, hoping to settle the matter peacefully, she was ignored completely.


After Aishah’s revelations, netizens immediately swarmed Dato Vida’s social media and asked her to apologise to Aishah and admit her mistake. According to some of the netizens, Aishah is not the 1st victim to Vida’s fraud as many users have already complained about the quality and authenticity of the cosmetic millionaire’s products.

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