Cosmetic millionaire Dato Seri Vida often shows off her wealth on her social media. From her fancy bungalow to her unused pink Lamborghini, branded hand bags, expensive shoes and more.

With her financial status, you would expect that money is never an issue for the businesswoman who was one of the sponsors for singing competition “Gegar Vaganza 4” where singer Aishah emerged as the winner.

As the champion of the competition, Aishah was given several prizes including RM100k cash, a piece of a bungalow unit land courtesy of Bina Megan Empire, an Eastern Europe holiday package and a set of jewellers worth RM80k from DSV Gold and Jewelry.

However, the veteran singer revealed on her social media that the jewelleries she received have no value as they are not genuine diamonds and gold. “It is sad that the local artists are treated this way… Even if it is an additional prize, it doesn’t mean that you can dupe us like this!”

That’s not all, the 53-year-old songstress also said that she has yet to receive her promised bungalow lot until now. Astro representative explained to the singer that the developer requested for a bit more time to settle some matters before they officially give her the lot.


Meanwhile, Dato Seri Vida has asked Aishah to return the alleged fake jewellries in exchange for Lavida Coin, the entrepreneur’s very own cryptocurrency. “Aishah probably doesn’t understand that the necklace value will rise and drop. It’s okay, she can return it to me if she doesn’t want them,” Vida said.

Aishah responded to her statement saying that she understand the concept of price drop, but the jewelleries she get are synthetic and fake stones which means that it doesn’t have any value in the 1st place.

DSV also said that Aishah’s posts on social media have ruined her reputation as a business person. “I’ve been accused as a liar by many people and it made me very sad as I was only trying to help those in the entertainment industry.”

Vida is considering whether she wants to continue as a sponsor for the future “Gegar Vaganza” programme.

Sources: Kosmo, Utusan.

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