Jinnyboy is no longer a boy! He is now a dad~

Social media star Jin Lim, or better known as Jinnyboy, together with his wife Michelle Ng welcome their firstborn daughter today (27th August).

The 33-year-old YouTuber shared a photo of himself, Michelle and the newborn baby on his social media with the caption, “Mommy and daddy couldn’t be happier to welcome you to this world. We promise we will love and give you nothing but the best. Hello everyone, this is our baby girl.”

Jin announced the news of Michelle’s pregnancy back in April when they were on a family trip in Japan. “When you’re old enough to understand what Instagram is, just know that mommy was carrying you around during our trip to Japan, taking tiny careful steps making sure you were all safe while we count the days of your arrival to this world.”

Plenty of social media figures and celebrities congratulated the couple including Reuben Kang, Arwind Kumar, Nana Mahazan, Sarah Lian, Jake Abdullah, Talitha Tan, David Choi, Dennis Yin, and more.


Jin and Michelle got married in 2016  where they had a “Descendants Of The Sun” wedding theme based on the popular Korean drama of the same name.

Congratulations to Jin and Michelle!

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