iKON is undeniably one of the most popular 3rd generation idol groups in K-pop.

The group was first introduced in YG Entertainment’s idol trainee reality survival program called “Who is Next: WIN” in 2013 as “Team B” alongside “Team A” aka WINNER. After many delays and postponements, the boys made their explosive debut as a 7-member group made up of leader B.I, lead rapper Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Kim Donghyuk, Koo Junhoe, and maknae Jung Chanwoo in 2015.

Source: All Kpop

Since their debut, the boys have racked up several successful albums and singles. So in no particular order, here’s a list of 10 of our favourite songs by iKON:


1. “My Type” (취향저격)

Needless to say, iKON is just our type! Released in 2015 under their debut album “Welcome Back”, “My Type” is a light-hearted summer hit that conquered local music charts for weeks. On top of that, the song’s music video for surpassed 1.7 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours!

2. “Rhythm Ta” (리듬 타)

Also from their debut album, “Rhythm Ta” is undoubtedly one of iKON’s most iconic (no pun intended) tracks. The hip hop hit was composed by by vocalist Ju-ne, with rappers Bobby and B.I contributing in the lyrics department.

3. “Apology” (지못미)


Written by YG’s resident songwriter Teddy and Kush, “Apology” is an emotional ballad accompanied with strong rap verses and smooth hip hop beats. It’s Korean title, “지못미” (pronounced “Ji Mot-mi”), actually means “I’m sorry that I can’t protect you”.

4. “Bling Bling”

Released in May 2017, “Bling Bling” is a summer dance track showcases the group’s charismatic attitude. Though not their most commercially successful work, we love its addictive beats and the boys’ sleek choreography. Besides that, the song was composed by B.I and rookie YG composer Millennium.

5. “#WYD” (오늘 모해)

In “#WYD”, iKONICS get to their oppa’s soft and charming side. The refreshing single (which was the group’s only release in 2016) debuted at #3 on South Korea’s Gaon Chart, selling 167,705 copies and 3.2 million streams in just 5 days.

6. “Climax”

Any loyal iKONIC would agree when we say “Climax” is one of iKON’s best works. The meaningful song was first heard in “WIN: Who Is Next” and it was an original written by then trainees Bobby, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Koo Jun-hoe, and Donghyuk. It depicts the boys’ undying dedication and their journey to becoming who they are today.

7. “I Miss You So Bad” (아니라고)


Co-written by their senior BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, “I Miss You So Bad” was like an early Christmas present to fans as it was released on Christmas Eve in 2015. While it’s not one of their more famous works, we love the members’ energy when they perform this song live.

8. “B-DAY” (벌떼)

Fun, lively, and energetic, “B-DAY” (which can be found in their 2017 album “New Kids: Begin”)  is the boys’ attempt at an addictive dance hit. This is a track that you can’t help but dance to when you hear it.

9. “Love Scenario” (사랑을 했다)

iKON is a group that is versatile and full of talent – and “Love Scenaario” is proof that they can tackle any genre as long as they put their mind on it. This is one of our favourite 2018 K-pop hits and we play put this on replay everytime we feel a little stressed out from work.

10. “Goodbye Road” (이별길)

“Goodbye Road” is one of iKON’s latest release and it can be found under their album “New Kids: The Final”. While the track doesn’t have any dramatic ad-libs or emotional melody, we can relate to its mellow lyrics about going through a break up.

iKON will be performing in Malaysia at the Malawati Indoor Stadium on 13th October 2018 at 6pm. Check out the deets here.

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