Heads up, iKONics! The date and venue for iKON’s upcoming tour in Malaysia has been unveiled!

Previously we have revealed that 7-member idol group iKON will be including Malaysia in their “2018 CONTINUE Tour”.


Today, organiser MacpiePro has announced that the boys will be performing at the Malawati Indoor Stadium on 13th October 2018 at 6pm. This will be be the 2nd time iKON came to Malaysia for a concert. The 1st time was in August 2016 for their iKONCERT tour.

Apart from Malaysia, the group will also be touring other Southeast Asian cities including Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, and Jakarta. Ticketing deets have been revealed and the seating plan has been divided into 7 different zones.

Be the first 400 fans to purchase iKONIC zone ticket, OR the first 150 fans to purchase Red Zone ticket to be entitled for a SOUNDCHECK PASS, while the first 280 fans to purchase Yellow Zone ticket will get a SENDOFF PASS to wave their idols goodbye! Every purchaser will get an official poster as well.

Tickets are available through www.ticketcharge.com.my from 23rd August 2018 onwards. 

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