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The boys have finally made their long-awaited comeback with the track “B-Day (벌떼)”. They dropped the music video for “B-Day” and single album “New Kids: Begin” at 6pm KST (5pm Malaysian time) today (Monday, 22nd May).

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Aside from “B-Day”, “New Kids: Begin” also includes another track, “Bling Bling”. In typical YG Entertainment fashion, both tracks were written and composed by members B.I and Bobby, with the aid of producers Airplay, Millennium, and Kang Uk Jin.


The members have also taken on new stage names, with Yunhyeong known as Song; Jinhwan as Jay; Chanwoo as Chan; and Donghyuk as DK.

In talking about their first comeback in a year since their digital single “#WYD (오늘 모해)” in May 2016, Jay said, “It feels like we’re debuting again because of the long hiatus.”

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B.I also introduced fans to the song, describing “B-Day” as a “fun, exciting song”. He continued, “I wrote it thinking that it didn’t need much meaning, but that it had to be really fun. I hope people listen to it to enjoy instead of searching for deep meaning in it.

Just like the leader said, the track is an extremely fun upbeat track. The music video shows the boys putting on magical contact lenses at the beginning, making them hallucinate. We then see the boys dancing and enjoying themselves at various locations, such as a futuristic room and castle ruins.

One of the more psychedelic scene also features the boys as bees! And no, we’re not kidding.

What do you think of the music video? Did you prefer “Bling Bling” or “B-Day”? Let us know in the comments box below!

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