Malaysian-born New Zealand beauty Nurul Shamsul recently made headlines for being the first hijab-wearing Malay Muslim woman to join a Miss Universe pageant.

Despite being raised overseas, Nurul still stays true to her Muslim culture, traditions and faith, and most importantly, she is attracted to Malay men rather than westerners.

In an interview with mStar, the 20-year-old Miss Universe finalist described that her ideal man would be someone like our current Youth and Sport Minister Syed Saddiq.

“I don’t mind if my man is from Malaysia or New Zealand, but I would prefer a Malay guy. The most important thing is he has the features I am looking for,” she said as quoted.

“It is good enough if the guy is smart, courteous, good and loyal. I see Syed Saddiq as someone smart and I really admire him,” she added.


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Nurul is currently in Malaysia with her mother to promote her participation in the Miss Universe competition.

Her participation in Miss Universe New Zealand comes as a surprise for many especially among the Muslim community, but Nurul assures that the competition doesn’t require her to remove her hijab or wear a swimsuit.

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I remember thinking that I didn’t want to wake up one day and see my face all over the internet. But that was exactly what had happened. I was tagged in a lot of pageantry pages and then later on my friend told me that I was trending on Twitter. A couple hours later, there were articles written about me. And I went VIRAL. It has been a month and I still can’t believe that it happened. But it’s amazing to know that people are supporting me. However, it does comes with the negative comments and I do read all of them. But the thing is I know my own self worth and I know my own intentions as to why I am doing Miss Universe. So those comments doesn’t get to me at all. Remember what others think of you is a reflection of themselves. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. What matters is what YOU think. Just keep living your life, have faith and keep renewing your intentions. There will always be people that tries to bring you down just so that they can feel better about themselves but there are also so many people that love you and wants to lift you up. *WARNING* As always, be careful with what you put up online. ANYONE can use your pictures or things you put up for ANYTHING. Also! Please say MashaAllah!!! Everything is a gift from God. If you would like to see me win Miss Universe New Zealand then remember to VOTE for me! Link is in bio! 💖💖💖

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“My parents were shocked when I told them about my participation. They were afraid of the perception of people that I would have to uncover my aurat. Although I wear a ‘tudung’, I was optimistic about my participation in the competition and excited to compete with others,” said Nurul.

Nurul is born from an Indonesian mother and a Malaysian father. She is the eldest of three siblings and is currently studying psychology in the University of Waikato.

Source: The Star.

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