Our new youth and sports minister, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is more than just a handsome face, he got the brain, he got the style, and he got a great sense of humour!

Since winning the Muar’s Parliamentary seat in the recent general election, Syed has been getting a lot of attention (both love and hate ) from the media and the people – mostly due to his good looks.

Now, he is one of the top trending politicians in Malaysia and one of the few who has become a celebrity, though he doesn’t see himself as one.

But there is more to him than meets the eye. So here are 6 interesting facts about our current youth and sports minister.

1. Youngest minister in Malaysia’s history after Najib Razak


Syed Saddiq may not be the youngest Members of Parliament, but he is Malaysia’s youngest minister in the Cabinet at the age of 25. He was recently appointed as the youth and sports minister, taking over his predecessor Khairy Jamaluddin who was the country’s youngest minister when he was appointed to the Cabinet aged 37 in 2013. Previously, former prime minister Najib Razak was the youngest Cabinet member when he was elected as the Deputy Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Post in 1978 at 25 years old.

2. Speculated in numerous love rumours


Having a good-looking face always comes with a huge price. Syed Saddiq is the victim of various allegations and speculations especially in terms of romantic relationships. He was previously linked to local actress Emma Maembong, businesswoman and TV personality Neelofa, medical student Salmah Luth Jones, Minister of Economic Affairs Azmin Ali’s daughter Farah Amira Azmin, and most recently – Melia Serena Mukhriz, Mukhriz’s daughter and Tun Mahathir’s granddaughter.

3. Has an equally good-looking sibling


The youth chief of BERSATU is the youngest of 4 siblings which include Syed Salleh, Sharifah Amani, and Syed Abdullah. But the sibling who gained people’s interest was 29-year-old Syed Abdullah. The older brother went viral because of his good looks and ripped body, but appearance wise, he is the exact opposite of Syed Saddiq as Abdullah is taller, darker, more muscular, and give more of a “wild” feel in contrast to Saddiq’s “tame” demeanour.

4. Look up to former youth & sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin

During the Barisan Nasional era, former youth and sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin, or better known as KJ, has always been one of the more likeable ones compared to the other BN members, since he has a lot of supports and fans among the youth.

Syed Saddiq has proved himself to be one of them as he openly declared his admiration towards the UMNO member. “Honestly, I like Khairy. I used to defend him when people said he was not qualified and an opportunist. He is definitely someone who I want to be as good as, if not better in the near future,” Syed told Berita Daily.

5.  A top debater in Asia

Syed Saddiq, a law graduate from the International Islamic University Malaysia, had represented his university in several international-level debate competitions. He was Asia’s best debater at the 2015 Asian British Parliamentary (ABP) Debating Championship, 2015 United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) in Bali, Indonesia and the 2012 ABP in Jakarta, Indonesia.

6. Turned down offers to Oxford twice

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The Road Not Taken . . Saya baru menerima emel yang memaklumkan saya terima biasiswa bersyarat daripada Chevening Scholarship untuk menyambung pelajaran saya untuk membuat Masters in Public Policy di Oxford University. Bagi mereka yang mengenali saya, pasti mereka tahu berapa lama saya idamkan tawaran untuk ke Oxford. . . Tahun lepas, saya telah menolak biasiswa daripada Oxford/Campuran dan menangguhkan Masters saya disana untuk bersama-sama dalam perjuangan ini untuk rakyat. Now i am confronted with almost the same dilemma. . . It was not an easy journey for me, to choose between my dream and my responsibility. . . For the second time, saya terpaksa menolak sekali lagi kerana saya telah diberikan kepercayaan dan amanat oleh rakyat Muar untuk membawa suara mereka ke Parlimen agar suara mereka didengari malah saya percaya tugas saya lebih besar daripada itu, to help reform and serve the people of Malaysia. To ensure the Youth will always have a strong voice in Parliament. . . Rakyat Malaysia adalah amanah saya dan In shaa Allah saya akan berpegang teguh pada amanah yang diberikan, Quite painful for me to explain to my parents yang inginkan saya menyambung pelajaran ke Oxford University. Saya faham keinginan mereka sebagai ibu bapa yang ingin melihat anaknya berjaya dalam bidang akademik dan saya sedar sekiranya saya menolak tawaran Oxford kali ini saya tidak akan berpeluang untuk menangguhkan tawaran ini lagi. Tawaran ini akan luput. . . But being in Malaysia, melihat rakyat tanpa mengira kaum dan agama bertungkus lumus membina negara, dari sekecil-kecil sumbangan ke Tabung Harapan ke sebesar-besar memberi cadangan atau pelan yang kritikal dalam pembinaan semula negara. The little things make the biggest differences. Anda semua inspirasi saya. . . I am nothing but a servant to my country. I have to put this dream of mine behind. Untuk saya, membina semula negara lebih penting. Suara anak muda mesti bergema di Parlimen. Saya akan pastikan anak muda diwakili sebaik mungkin. Semoga Allah memberkati perjuangan saya. . . Thank you all who have helped me along this arduous journey. . . May Allah guide me.

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Times Higher Education (THE) magazine, an annual publication of university rankings has ranked the University of Oxford as the world’s #1 university. So this means that getting an offer from Oxford is a huge deal. Nevertheless, Malaysia’s Muar MP has rejected the rare offer not once, but twice.

“For the second time, I’m forced to reject the offer because I have been given the trust and responsibility by Muar voters to bring their voices to Parliament. In fact, I believe my job is far bigger than that – to reform and serve the people of Malaysia,” Syed said as quoted by NST.

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