SHINee has completed their “The Story Of Light” trilogy.

They rounded up the 3rd chapter with “Our Page (네가 남겨둔 말)”, which was released today (Monday, 25th June).

Source: SHINee’s Official Twitter

While the idol group dropped subtle hints about Jonghyun on their MVs for “Good Evening” and “I Want You”, the latest album is a tribute to the late member.


The current members wrote the lyrics to “Our Page”, which expressed their feelings about the late Jonghyun. The final track on the album has also been revealed to be a special track, as it contains the vocals of Jonghyun.

The melody for “Our Page” is surprisingly upbeat, but the lyrics are extremely heart wrenching. SHINee wrote about their debut and memories together, with Minho and Key singing:

Together let’s stand again, walking on this road / As five layers stacked up, holding hands and crying together, all the memories / It’s so clear, I don’t want to forget it, I can’t forget it.”

All 4 of them then came together for the chorus, which goes, “Our voices will fly to where you are / They will reach you / We know it / This is not the end of our story’s page / Let’s be together until the end.”

The trilogy was released in conjunction with their 10th anniversary. EP 1 was released on 28th May and featured the title track “Good Evening”. Meanwhile, “I Want You” was confirmed as the title track for the 2nd EP and was released on 11th June.

A total of 15 new songs were released as part of the trilogy.


Source: YouTube.

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