Are newlyweds Yuna and Adam Sinclair expecting a baby? Not so fast.

Yesterday (Sunday, 24th June), Adam uploaded a snapshot of Yuna with some family members on Instagram. It didn’t take long before congratulatory messages came flooding in, wishing the couple on their new “bundle of joy”.

Source: Instagram

Before you get too excited, the 31-year-old singer clarified the issue on her Instagram story. “I’m not pregnant, this photo makes me look like I am,” she wrote, before adding, “Not yet at least! (But great angle @adamyousofunny thanks!!)” Yuna also added in the comments section that the Jubah outfit contributed to the confusion.


In other news, the Malaysian songstress also reached out to fans on something that has been bugging her. If you see Yuna in person, go up to her and ask for a photo opportunity instead of sneakily snapping one without her consent. “I promise you I won’t bite! I find it silly and funny (and sometimes creepy, but mostly funny!) that people prefer to secretly take a video and when I turn to look they stop and pretend they’re on the phone!” she wrote.


There you have it fans, the next time you see Yuna, muster up the courage and go up to her. She’s really nice. Pinky promise 😉

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