Has it been 10 years already?

It seems like just yesterday when the 5 boys of SHINee made their debut in 2008 with “Replay”. Described as a contemporary R&B boy group, it didn’t take long for SHINee to snag a multitude of music awards on the same year.

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Their successful run didn’t end there. Their fame continued to grow, as they produced hits after hits. “Ring Ding Dong”, “Lucifer”, and “Sherlock (Clue + Note)” were some of their notable tracks during their earlier years. The group continued to evolve musically, trying out different genres with “Dream Girl”, “Why So Serious”, “Married to the Music”, and “1 of 1”.


After Jonghyun’s unfortunate death, SHINee’s future was left hanging in the balance. While some had doubts that the 4-membered SHINee will stand together again, they proved everyone wrong. Key, Onew, Minho, and Taemin stood together on stage during their Japanese concerts earlier this year and will be making their long-awaited comeback later this week.

We’re glad they made it through the tough patch, and here are some reasons you should be excited for their 10th anniversary:

1. They’ll release an album in conjunction with their 10th anniversary

Source: SM Entertainment

Almost 2 years after releasing their 5th full album “1 of 1”, the idol group will finally make their comeback with “The Story of Light EP.1”.

SM Entertainment are not holding back any punches, even going so far as to build up an interactive website for this comeback. Instead of the usual teaser trailers, we had the freedom to click around and answer questions to check out the teasers.

Feel free to tinker around here.

2. Key and Minho wrote the lyrics for their title track


It’s confirmed – “Good Evening (데리러 가)” is their title track.

It is described as an electronic pop song with a 90’s classic R&B feel featurings a unique composition, a catchy chorus and most importantly, a cathartic drop. Composed and arranged by The Fliptones (who has worked with Jason Derulo and Flo Rida), the track is indeed a solid one.

The best thing is, members Key and Minho personally wrote the lyrics for the rap parts, making the track even more personal for them.

3. This is only the first album from their “The Story of Light” series!

Source: SM Entertainment

This means more awesome music from them!

Compared to other mainstream K-pop idols groups, SHINee has always been recognised for their non-conventional music. The Story of Light sounds equally unique, however, we’d have to wait for the release to listen to it in full. If you like the sound of this, you’re lucky, because we’ll probably be hearing more of this kind of music.

They are set to release the 2nd and 3rd album from the series soon – EP.2 on 11th June and EP.3 on 25th June. Each album will contain 5 new songs.

4. They’ll have their first ever reality show

Woah, has it taken SM Entertainment this long to give SHINee their own reality show?

The first teaser already looks hilarious. We have the members staring straight into the camera with amusing expressions, followed by Key and Minho jokingly posing seductively. Key’s deadpan expressions just killed us ?

Titled “SHINee’s BACK”, it will premiere on 6th June on 9pm KST (8pm Malaysian time) exclusively on Mnet.

5. They finally have their official lightstick!

Source: SM Entertainment

This might come as a surprise to some, but SHINee didn’t have an official lightstick until now.

Set in their fan colours – the pearl aqua – it is priced at 35,000 Korean won (approximately RM130). Unfortunately, the price won’t matter, as it is only available for sale at their SHINee Day anniversary fanmeet. Fans who have ordered it will also have to pick it up in person. We can only hope that SM Entertainment will put it up on their online shop soon.

6. Because more SHINee is always good

Source: Dramas With a Side of Kimchi

Does this even need an explanation?

An opportunity to see the boys back in action and to be blessed with good music, that’s all we can ask for 🙂

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