SHINee’s back!

Well, they haven’t made their comeback yet, but they will be – soon! The group has confirmed that they’re working on a new album, and it will be released in late May.

Source: Platinum List

The album’s release date will be close to SHINee’s 10th debut anniversary date – which falls on 25th May.


This isn’t the only surprise they’ll be giving fans, as the group will also hold a 10th debut anniversary fan meeting on 27th May at Hwajeong Gymnasium. The SM Entertainment group is expected to perform their new song(s) at the fan meeting.

This will be their first Korean comeback after the passing of member Jonghyun in December last year.

The members also came together the first time in February for their Japanese tour and performed several never-before-heard songs. On 26th March, the idol group dropped their Japanese single “From Now On”, which featured Jonghyun’s vocals.

Source: SM Entertainment

The group made their debut in 2008 with “Replay”. Since then, they have released other hit songs like “Lucifer”, “Everybody”, “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”, “Ring Ding Dong”, and more. The members have successful solo careers too, with Taemin as a solo artiste and the rest dabbling in acting. The late Jonghyun was also famed for being an exceptional songwriter and singer.

Source: soompi.

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