Jonghyun will never be forgotten.

While guesting on yesterday’s (Wednesday, 30th May) “Radio Star” episode, the 4 members of SHINee opened up about the lost of Jonghyun.

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As Jonghyun’s death came as a surprise, leader Onew noted that he “felt like I wasn’t allowed to cry”. He also revealed that he received therapy for his inability to cry despite feeling sorrow.


Minho disclosed that he was worried about guesting on variety or music shows since they had to make it funny. “After time flew by, we got ourselves together and talked about our future. But for a while, we weren’t able to look in the eyes of the staff members who we saw every day at the broadcast stations with him…,” he continued.

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Onew also wasn’t the only one who sought therapy. All of the members received therapy and they continued with their Japanese series of concerts because it was a way for them to heal.

The reason why we held a concert in Japan right after the incident is that we wanted to accept the reality and continue promoting. We wanted to do it ourselves rather than through others. It was hard how people continuously asked if I’m okay. I hope they just treat me the same,” shared Key.

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While SHINee only wanted to move on from the incident, some netizens left malicious comments accusing them of using it for marketing.

Key continued, “We stood on stage for hyung and the fans, and to send Jonghyun to a better place together with the fans. But I had a hard time after reading comments stating we are using it for marketing. How could they leave such comments? It’s not that we’re totally okay. It has just healed a little.”

“We can’t be perfectly okay but I think it’ll be a big encouragement to us if people can think that 5 of us are on stage together when our music plays. I wanted to say this myself. We are not totally okay but we are trying hard to promote so please look at us kindly,” concluded Minho.

In the same broadcast, they also confirmed that they’ve renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment.


The idol group will also guest on an upcoming episode of “Weekly Idol”. Apart from that, their reality show “SHINee’s BACK” will be commencing next Wednesday (6th June)!

Source: allkpop.

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