When the idea of Hyuna, PENTAGON’s Hui and E-Dawn coming together as a trio was announced, it received massive backlash. Fans were mad at Cube Entertainment for trying to recreate a “second Troublemaker”. Some Hyuna fans were also angry at the company for allegedly using Hyuna’s fame to promote PENTAGON.

Fast forward one year later, Triple H is loved by most of the K-pop crowd and has been lauded for their unique approach to their music and concepts. Their music video for “365 Fresh” was testament to it.

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In a recent Instagram live, Hyuna confirmed that the group will be dropping a new album soon. The live broadcast yesterday (13th June) was carried out by Hyuna was doing a photo shoot with Hui and E-Dawn.


While interacting with fans, she suddenly surprised fans, saying, “Let’s give a spoiler. Why do you think Triple H is shooting a pictorial? (…) We’re preparing for an album that will be released soon. Our preparations are in the final stages.


That’s not all. Last month, she shared an audio snippet on Instagram and added the hashtag #TripleH. The audio snippet only contained E-Dawn’s voice.

The former 4Minute member also told fans that Triple H will be performing together at the upcoming Cube Family concert.


In previous interviews, Hyuna has explained that she loved performing with her 2 juniors. “I recently celebrated my 10th debut anniversary and my company suggested that I try something new. I liked the idea and that’s why I chose to make a comeback through Triple H,” she said.

What kind of concept do you think Triple H will go for this time?

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