Han Seohee strikes again.

The former idol trainee first received spotlight when she was revealed as the person who smoked weed with BIGBANG member T.O.P. She then received backlash for her controversial feminist stance, most notably her opinions against transgenders.


Her next victim is BTS’ V, who she claims to have met in a club when they were both underage. In an Instagram live, Han Seohee revealed, “(I) went to a club with Taehyung (V’s real name) when I was 19 years old sh**.” This would be a problem as Korea’s legal age for entering a club is 20 years old.

She then said, “Because that day, (Kim) Kibum brought (V) along. To the club. I didn’t know him. I don’t know V that well, but I used to be close with Kibum, and he brought V.” Kim Kibum is a rookie model under YGK+ and is a well-known social media celebrity.

Source: Kim Kibum’s Instagram

ARMYs certainly did not take her thoughtless statement well. After massive uproar from the fandom, Han Seohee was forced to make a clarification.

On her Instagram, she wrote, “I think it wasn’t when he was a minor~ Honestly for real, it’s nothing to fuss over… ARMYs please don’t be like this. I love you ^^ (I won’t file any suits against you so please stop fighting, I’m sorry).” However, that did not quell the fandom’s anger. Fans began attacking her for being an attention seeker.

Source: BigHit Entertainment

To this, she put up another comment on her Instagram, saying, “I won’t give any more feedback. If I try to give organized feedback it’ll just become media-tized again. Do you want your idol to keep being involved with me in the media? Please think things through~

She also said, “I didn’t invite him, so what does it matter if I go. I never invited him. I got a table and then V came. I’m telling it like it is, I just saw him and nothing happened. From my situation I couldn’t tell someone who came to leave; I couldn’t do anything. (…) I went to clubs a lot when I was a minor, but I don’t know about him.

Kim Kibum’s side has also responded to the controversy. Their statement reads, “Kim Kibum is friends with V but has never taken him to a club. He knew Han Seohee in the past, but has not communicated with her after she became famous through the internet.


Sources: allkpop, soompi.

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