Remember last month when English songstress Dua Lipa was thoughtlessly condemned by Malaysian “fans” after she sent an innocent birthday wish to her father?

Well, the 22-year-old singer has finally responded to the issue in a recent interview with American L’Officiel magazine.


In case you didn’t know the story, on 5th March 2018, the singer shared a photo of her and her dad with the caption “Happy Birthday babi, I wish I was home to give you a big hug and kiss.”

In Albanian language, “babi” means “dad”, but in Malay language, it translates to the word “pig”.

Due to the Malay translation, many Malaysian social media users left hurtful comments on Lipa’s post, forcing her to changed the wording to “Happy birthday dad” instead.

In the French fashion magazine, the singer commented, “It was actually quite mean on their behalf, because obviously I’m not talking in Malay, I speak another language as well, and the language that I speak with my parents is my heritage. I would like that to be respected.”

It seems like Lipa was really affected by those comments and we think that she has every right to be angry. But hopefully, this won’t affect her upcoming solo tour in Malaysia this 3rd May 2018.

Source: L’Officiel / Featured image: Dua Lipa’s Facebook

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