There are several down sides to using social media – just ask Dua Lipa.

Recently, the British singer-songwriter was heavily criticised by Malaysian fans when she referred to her father Dukagjin as “babi”. The post has since been edited to be captioned as “Happy Birthday Dad” instead.

Source: Facebook/ Instagram

The pop star initially posted a birthday message on a throwback photo saying, “Happy Birthday babi, I wish I was home to give you a big hug and kiss.” For those that don’t know, the word “babi” actually translates as “father” in Albanian. Both of her parents immigrated to the UK from Kosovo in the 1990s.


However, many fans took offence to it as “babi” means pig in Bahasa Malaysia. As you may know, pig or pork is haram in Islam. Shortly after the birthday dedication post, Malaysian fans began mocking her family’s heritage. Having said that, there were other Malaysians who also came to the “New Rules” singer’s defence while condemning those rude messages.

Source: Instagram

Dua Lipa is scheduled to perform her “Self-Titled Tour” in Kuala Lumpur later on 3rd May. Tickets have already been sold out.

Sources: The Star, MMO.

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