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Yesterday (Wednesday, 6th September), a 30-year-old man in Taiwan put an engagement ring on his pregnant girlfriend’s finger at her funeral. According to reports, she was 5 months into her pregnancy.

Taiwanese Man
Source: Channel News Asia

The funeral, which took place at Changhua City Funeral & Cemeteries Service, was decorated into a wedding venue. The parlour had a pink backdrop and was filled with heart-shaped balloons, beautiful flowers, and large sign that declared, “We are engaged”. The Taiwanese man, who is a truck driver surnamed Tsai (蔡尚振), even wore a business suit like a bridegroom.


Tsai and his 23-year-old girlfriend, surnamed Chen (陳宜琦), have been dating for 5 years. On 26th August, Chen, a dental clinic nurse, was riding her scooter home from work when she met her unfortunate death. When Chen did not return home that day, Tsai managed to trace her whereabouts and found her scooter lying by the roadside.

Taiwanese Man
Source: Strait Times

I called her mobile phone but she did not pick up. I went out to search for her but discovered the remains of her scooter,” Tsai told Taiwanese media during the funeral. Not along after, he was notified that Chen had passed away from severe head injuries. Their unborn child also died.

Prior to the incident, the couple had already made plans for their engagement to take place after Hungry Ghost Festival, a duration where it is ill-advised for Chinese to carry out engagements or weddings. Tsai wanted to fulfil his promise to wed her even after her passing. Thus, the engagement party was held during her funeral.

After her death, Tsai took to Facebook to post a tribute in remembrance of Chen. “Dear wife, I’m waiting for you to appear in my dreams,” he captioned one of the photos. Take a look:

Our heartfelt condolences to Tsai and Chen’s family and friends.

Sources: 蔡尚振’s Facebook, Asia One, Strait Times/ Featured image: YouTube.

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