With more than 10 rookie groups making their debuts every year, it’s not easy to last more than a few years in the over-saturated K-Pop industry. However, FTISLAND has broken all odds and is one of the rare groups to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

To mark the special occasion, FNC Entertainment announced that they’ll be dropping an album, titled “Over 10 Years“. To hype fans up, they’ve also released some teaser photos on their social media pages today (Thursday, 1st June).

Source: FTISLAND’s Website

Earlier, a comeback schedule was made public, which informed fans what to expect until the day of their comeback. According to the timetable, the boys were supposed to release “5 Islands” yesterday (Wednesday, 31st May), then “Breath Of Island” today, followed by “Sounds of Island Map” tomorrow (Friday, 2nd June).


Fans were obviously puzzled by the ambiguous name, but the mystery has been solved. “5 Islands” turned out to be a series of teaser images detailing the members’ photoshoot for their album jacket.

While the boys look stunning, the messages in English at the top of the photos left much to be desired.

Check out the photos here:

As part of their 10th anniversary celebration, the band also released a special remake version of “Lovesick” featuring fellow FNC Entertainment artiste Kim Na Young. Psst, it also comes along with a music video, which you can watch here.

For updates on the group, remember to check out their website and Facebook page!

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