Highlight’s Junhyung has made his Instagram account private and deleted all his photos.

This comes after he was attacked by netizens for “unfair part distributions” on their latest track, “Calling You”.

Source: JollyBee89

A number of netizens were angry at the rapper’s supposed greed for singing, as he had more vocal parts in their title track compared to main vocalist Yoseob and other members of the group. The blame was put on him as he, along with best friend Kim Tae Joo, composed, wrote, and arranged the track.


Negative and malicious comments were left on his social media account, resulting in the artiste deleting all of his 760 photos to deter anyone from leaving any comments. He even removed his bio and his Instagram was only left with his profile photo.

However, he left a message to netizens just before he turned his Instagram private.

It reads, “Don’t go around writing comments about the things in your minds and hearts and just keep them to yourself!! I’m not going to just laugh and aimlessly accept them! I’ve said many times that this is an album that was made together with the members after discussing with them. I know that you cannot like everything, but please know your limits. It’s late, so go to sleep.

Seeing how affected and disturbed Junhyung was by the comments, fans have also taken to Twitter to show their support to the Highlight member.

Fans are also arguing that the line distribution for this album has been fair, as Junhyung barely has any lines on their b-side track “Sleep Tight” and only raps in one verse. In contrast, the other members take charge of the vocal parts in the emotional ballad.

Junhyung has been famed for his producing abilities and majority of Highlight’s tracks were composed and written by him. He also recently made his comeback as a solo artiste with the digital single album “Wonder If“.

Source: Koreaboo.

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