It’s been some time since we’ve heard solo releases from Yong Junhyung, but the wait is finally over.

The rapper dropped his solo track “Wonder If” at 6pm KST (5pm Malaysian time) today (Tuesday, 2nd May), which marks his first solo release in a year.

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“Wonder If” is part of his solo digital album, which contains another track, “Too Much Love Kills Me”.


The title track, which features rapper Heize, was also co-produced by her. Of course, Junhyung’s track won’t feel complete without the touch of Kim Tae Joo, who forms the production team Good Life with the Highlight rapper. The duo have also worked together on Junhyung’s previous solos and many of Highlight’s songs.

The music video is edgier and more mature from Highlight’s works. Junhyung is also shown singing against the background of a bar and a rundown building. The rapper is confused about his feelings for 2 girls, and Heize also makes an appearance as one of Junhyung’s lovers.

Source: Around US Entertainment

In speaking about his title track with CQ Korea, Junhyung said, “I created this song relying 100% on my own personal experiences and memories. Since it’s about myself, I came up with the song rather quickly. If I write out the lyrics, the melody would just come to mind allowing things to flow smoothly. I wrote a sad song thinking many people would get emotional and cry while listening to it.”

He also revealed that he sent the song to close friends Yang Se Hyung and Park Shin Hye, both of which said that “Wonder If” will be the perfect song to listen to when having drinks.

Watch the MV:

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