Highlight will be dropping new music!

The idol group, formerly known as BEAST, will be releasing their repackaged album on 29th May (Monday). They have also revealed their first teaser – the comeback schedule.

Source: Around US Entertainment

According to the schedule, they’ll be unveiling the track list tomorrow (Tuesday, 16th May), followed by various concept photos on 17th (Wednesday) and 18th May (Thursday). The album will be opened for pre-order on Friday (19th May).


A mysterious event named “Highlight Call” has also been arranged for 22nd May, but beyond that name, we don’t know what it is about. The lyrics spoiler and music video teasers will then be dropped subsequently ’til the album release date.

Although details are still scarce about the album, we know that the members took part in producing and composing their new song.

Source: Around US Entertainment

UPDATE (16th May, 9am):

Highlight has dropped their track list!

According to the list, the repackaged album will contain a total of 7 songs. Of those, 2 of them – “Calling You” and “Sleep Tight” – are new tracks. The rest are tracks from their 1st mini album, which are “Plz Don’t Be Sad (얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요)”, “It’s Still Beautiful (아름답다)”, “The Beginning (시작)”, “Dangerous (위험해)”, and “CAN YOU FEEL IT?”.

Unsurprisingly, the producing team Good Life, made up of Highlight member Junhyung and his bestie Kim Tae Joo, produced most of the tracks.

Source: Around US Entertainment

The members made their debut as Highlight on 20th March after leaving their previous label Cube Entertainment. They formed their independent label Around US Entertainment and dropped the track “Plz Don’t Be Sad“.

Shortly after, rapper Junhyung also made his solo comeback with the digital single “Wonder If“.


For more info, visit Around US Entertainment’s official website and Instagram.

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