Season 3 of The CW’s “The Flash” has wrapped and in line with the reactions from the previous seasons, speculations are running wild.

WARNING: If you have not watched “Finish Line” aka S03E23 of “The Flash”, you best skip this as there may be spoilers ahead.

Source: The CW

As expected, the Season 3 finale of “The Flash” was the series’ darkest episode yet. In week leading up to the finale, fans were teased over and over that Iris West (played by Candice Patton) was going to die and “villain from the future” Savitar (played by Grant Gustin) was going to defeat The Flash (also played by Grant Gustin) in his pursuit to achieve God-ness. Alas, as it turns out, Harrison Wells 3.0 aka H.R. (played by Tom Cavanagh) would step in at the very last minute, in an unexpectedly heroic move to sacrifice himself in Iris’ place.


And if the rest of how the episode pans out is not confusing enough, Harrison “Harry” Wells returns from Earth-2 and decides to hang around for a bit while The Flash decides to give himself up to the Speed Force prison.

So that leaves us with just a couple of questions about the characters:

1. Barry Allen aka The Flash

Source: The CW

We get it, for the sake of egging on viewers’ curiosity, there’s a need for a major cliffhanger. That having said, we can’t help wondering how Season 4 will move forward from the pivotal moment where Barry Allen aka The Flash decided surrender himself to the Speed Force prison. Likely, we’re going to spend some episodes of Season 4 just watching #TeamFlash try to recover from that one. The question is, how many? Maybe Harrison “Harry” Wells’ return is due to the role that he may have to play in bringing Barry back. Which brings us next to..

2. Harrison “Harry” Wells


At this point, Tom Cavanagh has taken on so many roles from all ends of the spectrum: good, evil, almost completely useless. So much so that we’re legit confused. Will the Harry (Earth-2) version of Harrison Wells stick around on Earth-1 for the entire season? In what ways will he contribute to bringing Barry back? Also, does this signal the probable return of Jesse Quick (played by Violett Beane) to Earth-1 since her father is back? Let’s not forget that Wally West aka Kid Flash (played by Keiynan Lonsdale) could use the extra help what with Barry being in the Speed Force and all.

3. Iris West

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This perpetual resident “damsel in distress” haven’t had it easy at all the entire season, but Iris West’s one true defining moment came when she shot Savitar (and effectively stopped him from killing Barry) moments before he went “poof!” as the time paradox caught up to him. But wait, does this mean that she will have to deal with the repercussions? She did, after all, kill the carbon copy, future version of her fiancé. And in line with the series’ “tradition” so far, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What’s in store for Iris then?


4. Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost

Source: The CW

If the ending is anything to go by, then former #TeamFlash member Dr. Caitlin Snow (played by Danielle Panabaker) looks like she has got a lot of soul-searching to do. As it turns out, she doesn’t really want to be Killer Frost anymore, although she did whoop Black Flash’s butt in the finale. That was, of course, before she rejected the serum that Cisco (played by Carlos Valdes) gave her. So if she’s neither an ally nor a villain, what is she going to be in Season 4?

What does the future of The CW’s “The Flash” hold? Your guess is as good as ours. But while we wait for Season 4 of The CW’s “The Flash” to premiere sometime this October, here’s a sneak peek at how the visual effects are made for the series. Enjoy:

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