2 brothers. 3 arms. 1 incredible plan.

Director Steven Soderbergh (“Ocean”‘s Trilogy and “Magic Mike”) has come out of retirement for his latest movie project – a redneck heist flick titled, “Logan Lucky”. Moviegoers can now take a look at the first trailer and movie poster.

Logan Lucky
Source: Coming Soon

“Logan Lucky” centres on 2 not-so-lucky brothers – Jimmy (played by Channing Tatum) and Clyde Logan (played by Adam Driver) – who decide to carry out an elaborate robbery at a NASCAR event. Unfortunately, the pair find themselves in over their heads. Realising that there is strength in numbers, they team up with sister Mellie (played by Riley Keough) and bleached-blonde convict Joe Bang (played by Daniel Craig).


Although “Logan Lucky” is a crime comedy about wacky criminals, we like that the trailer is heavy on the laughs and silliness of the characters. It also helps that the cast has perfected the thick Southern accents. Plus, Daniel Craig is almost unrecognisable in his shocking blond dye job.

Oh, did we mention that the “James Bond” star also gets naked at some point?

Logan Lucky
Source: Coming Soon

“Logan Lucky” opens in theatres this August.

Sources: Screen Rant, Vulture.

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