An aggressive female shopper was arrested after a video of her hitting 2 shop employees went viral.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the incident took place at an Owndays outlet in Tiong Bahru Plaza on Monday night (3rd April). Police said that they were alerted about the assault just before 10pm and that investigations are ongoing.

Source: Gerald Teo’s Facebook page

The viral video, which was uploaded by Facebook user Gerald Teo, shows her yelling and hitting the shop employees. The 45-year-old woman then claims that she lost her bracelet and demanded that the 2 sales girls retrieve it from a backroom. When one of the girls says she will call the police, she yells, “Go on, call the police! You think I’m scared?” 


Moreover, several passerby and security guards are seen trying to stop her. She can even be heard making racist comments such as, “Ask this f–king Chinese to stop hitting me in the neighbourhood here.” 

Also, if you look closely at the 0:24 mark, her bracelet flies off her wrist when she backhand slaps the girl with a ponytail. Watch:

As at time of writing, the video has been viewed over 5.4 million times.

The woman’s actions have angered many netizens and some even called her racist and mentally ill. One Facebook user commented, “This is totally unacceptable for this kind of behaviour. Where are the security? This is a totally crazy mental retarded person.”

In a Facebook statement, Owndays Singapore said:

“2 of our team members attempted to assist the shopper and were assaulted by the aggressive lady. Our colleagues had been brave and maintained their professionalism despite repeated assaults by the angry lady. The police is currently investigating the matter and we are seeking legal advice.”


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Sources: Channel NewsAsia, Today Online, Gerald Teo’s Facebook page.

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