There is a new Fantastic Four in town peeps! You know them, they are: Yuna, Harith Iskander, Zizan Razak, and Siti Nordiana.

What was previously thought to be a short film or music video, turn out to be an advertisement for the Japanese uncarbonated soft drink, Calpis. To promote the brand’s latest beverage, our 4 Malaysian superstars are cast as superheroes.

Source: The Hive

In the 1-minute-long clip, the 4 superheroes of Calpis each represent different flavours. Yuna and Zizan both share the same flavoured drink – the original Calpis. Harith represents the mango flavour while Siti Nordiana is grapes.


Together, they have to battle a villain who happens to be a giant fluffy orange cat with scary eyes. Thankfully our team of heroes are armed with various superpowers. Not only can they put up protective shields and produce bubble beam, but they can also self-duplicate and have super speed. Pretty cool, no?

Watch them save the day here:

What do you think? Do these 4 make an awesome superhero team?

Source: The Hive, Yuna’s Instagram.

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