With SNSD Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary coming up this year, the girls have been busy. Each member has been active in various fields – from variety shows to solo releases to acting. To thank fans, they’re planning to drop a 10th anniversary album along with solo singles from Hyoyeon and Yoona.

Just recently, Sooyoung also sat down with South Korean media outlet Sports DongA to discuss the girl group’s 10th year together. In the interview, she revealed her thoughts on Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Jessica’s departure, and their former rival, the now-disbanded Wonder Girls.

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On the group’s moniker as the top idol girl group, she humbly replied:


I didn’t realise how much this meant until about 2 years ago. We won the daesang as a girl group and went on world tours. I didn’t know how big and difficult many of these accomplishments were. I just worked hard for what’s given in front of me, went on stage, and busily worked. As we started individual promotions, I realised that the things I did as Girls’ Generation are the worthiest of all the things I can do. I received an excessive amount of love compared to my talent. We were able to be together in the same boat because it was 8 of us.

When asked about SNSD’s strength, she said, “We try to copy one another’s good qualities. If one works hard then other members do too. It also gives a good influence (to all) when one does a good deed. Greeting others well is also our strength. Overall, we have a ‘hungry mind’ because we didn’t become hits at once. We also know the importance of popularity.

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Staying in the same group for 10 years is not an easy feat, considering the differences in personalities of each member. There are bound to be arguments, and many idol groups have gone down the route of disbandment. 2NE1, 4Minute, and Kara are some groups who failed to stay together, with Wonder Girls joining the list earlier this year.

SNSD and Wonder Girls are known for being rivals, as both groups debuted in the same year. However, Sooyoung only had kind words for them.

She revealed:

I really admired Wonder Girls after seeing their transition into a band. I wondered if we could’ve gone through such changes and challenges after performing 10 years. I was curious about their change so I looked up all of their interviews. They were a good influence and we were good motivation for each other. As a fan, it’s unfortunate (they’ve disbanded) but I’m still supporting them as a colleague.

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Jessica was a former SNSD member, and it’s inevitable for her name to be brought up during interviews. When Sports DongA mentioned Jessica’s departure, commenting that it must have been the toughest time for the girl group, Sooyoung simply replied with a line from the famed k-drama “Goblin”.

She said:


Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad, and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it.

We understand, Sooyoung. We totally do :’)

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Before ending the interview, Sooyoung also emphasised that all of the members have been working hard for their 10th anniversary album, which is scheduled for release in August.

No other details have been released so far, but we’re sure it’ll be good 🙂

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