Popular South Korean idol girl group KARA hasn’t had it easy from the day they debuted back in 2007, considering the times they’ve had to switch out members and introduce new ones.

In 2008, the (originally 4-member) group lost member Kim Sung-hee who left due to parental pressure and brought in members Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung. This effectively made KARA a 5-member group.

Kara MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012
Source: DSP Media

In 2014, members Nicole Jung and Kang Jiyoung decided not to renew their contracts with agency DSP Media thus leaving the group to pursue their own endeavours; Nicole debuted as solo artiste and Jiyoung became an actress in Japan. Trainee Heo Youngji was later introduced as a KARA member after she emerged winner of the “KARA Project”.


Thus, making KARA a 4-member group once again.

The group went on to release “Cupid” in May 2015 off their comeback album, “In Love” with Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, and Heo Youngji as its current members.

But now, rumours are rife that KARA is facing a possible disbandment.

Word on the street is that Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara’s exclusive contracts with DSP Media will soon come to an end. Which means that the girls have to decide whether or not they want to re-sign with the agency – by this month.

Source: DSP Media

akp cited a representative who told Korean media outlet StarNews, “It’s true that all 3 people, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara have decided to not stay with DSP Media. There is still some time left before their exclusive contracts end, but it seems that they have made up their mind to go towards moving into a new agency.”

The rep added, “The 3 members will go into acting, and start their ‘second life’. In the case of Hara, she will discuss matters with her close fan and manager, and then give an official statement.”

KARA’s newest member, Youngji, still has much time left on her contract. But she recently removed “KARA” from her Instagram handle. It used to be @kara_youngji_hur but now it simply reads @young_g_hur.

Source: Youngji's Instagram
Source: Youngji’s Instagram

Ah, the plot thickens.

As at time of writing, DSP Media has yet to respond to the above rumours. What will become of KARA though, you think? Would you be sad to see them go? Let us know!

UPDATE (15th January, 7:25pm):

It has happened. K-Pop idol girl group KARA has officially disbanded as 3 members’ contracts with DSP Media have expired without renewal. Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara’s contracts ended on 15th January and therefore, they are no longer DSP Media’s artistes.

The agency is said to respect their decision and hopes for the best in their future career endeavours. Heo Youngji is still under contract and will continue promotions as a solo artiste.

We’ll leave you now with the “song and dance” that propelled the girls to stardom, “Mister”:

Sources: akp, kookje via Koreaboo.

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