Who would have thought that controversial rapper Namewee would one day have a collaboration with popular Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom?

But Namewee proved all his detractors wrong when he released his album “Crossover Asia (亞洲通車)”. The album contains 10 songs, but the one which attracted the most attention was his track with the King of Chinese Pop, “Stranger In The North (漂向北方)”.

Source: Namewee’s Facebook Page

In a Facebook post, the rapper wrote Wang a heartfelt message. He thanked the singer for participating in the track, adding that he was “surprised” and “touched” when Wang agreed to work on the project.


He continued, “I finished writing the song and sent a demo to him. After listening to it, he immediately agreed to collaborate with me. We held discussions and talked about the track online until it was completed, and it wasn’t until the music video shoot in Beijing that I got to meet him for the first time. He gave me an ‘American-style’ hug when he saw me and encouraged me. I was so touched I cried.

Wang also had words of kindness for Namewee, exclaiming that he was extremely happy that he got the chance to work with the “super talented” rapper.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The track was in fact made public late last year, but only gained attention recently when Namewee released the music video. Written and composed by Namwee, “Stranger In The North” describes the life of an migrant worker in Beijing, who attempts to start a new life in a new city. However, it can also be interpreted as an aspiring singer’s struggle to “make a name for himself in a foreign country”.

The music video features both artistes singing and rapping their verses, with scenes of migrant workers in Beijing interspersed in between. In true Malaysian spirit, the song is not only subtitled in Chinese and English, but also in our national language.


If you liked the song, you can listen to it on Spotify, KK Box, and iTunes.

For more info, visit Namewee’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.


Source: The Malay Mail Online.

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