For almost a decade now, the ship name “DaraGon” has been popular amongst YG Entertainment stans, particularly 2NE1 and BIGBANG fans.

For the uninitiated, “shipping” is a term used by K-Pop fans when they put 2 people together and support them as a pair – usually referring to a romantic relationship.


“DaraGon” is short for Sandara Park (박산다라, of 2NE1 fame) and G-Dragon (권지용, of BIGBANG fame). The idols have been the subject of dating rumours, so much so that the shipping fantasy has spurred numerous fanfics and deliberately Photoshopped images of the duo. It recently went into overdrive when a new video emerged over the weekend or the said pair.


Shortly after BIGBANG’s “0.TO.10 Finale In Seoul” concert, G-Dragon was spotted walking through a massive crowd of fans towards his company car. In his arm, walking alongside him, is someone who bears a stark resemblance to the former 2NE1 member – Sandara Park. Although it’s not entirely surprising that she would attend BIGBANG’s concert (Sandara has, in the past, attended numerous of her fellow YG Entertainment colleagues’ events), what threw fans off was a video recording of the moment where it looked like G-Dragon planted a kiss on her face.

Source: YouTube screenshot
Source: YouTube screenshot

Although some VIPs are arguing that the girl the BIGBANG leader was protecting might not have been Sandara, the said video of the above incident actually caught a split second where the girl’s blue hoodie dropped down to reveal a blonde ponytail. Sandara is known for her ever-changing hair colour and if you’ve been following her closely on Instagram, you would notice the idol’s current hair style – blonde hair and all.

Note: According to eyewitnesses, the other BIGBANG members are not seen in the video as there were walking ahead of G-Dragon.

Furthermore, there is photo evidence proving that Sandara was present at BIGBANG’s “0.TO.10 Finale In Seoul” concert, complete with the same blue hoodie.

DaraGon BIGBANG Concert
Source: Instagram

It is not known for sure if G-Dragon had indeed plant a kiss on Sandara’s face, but fans are still currently debating the incident.

G-Dragon has been romantically linked to Japanese models Kiko Mizuhara and Nana Komatsu in the past, although the idol neither confirmed nor denied the relationships despite photo evidence. He’s also known to be extremely private when it comes to his personal life, having posted up cryptic messages about “not being able to live” previously. As such, fans are saying that it’s highly unlikely that G-Dragon would plant a kiss on Sandara’s face out in the open and in full view of fans.

G-Dragon Dara
Source: SBS

Moreover, it would’ve been the most awkward and uncomfortable scenario for a kiss.

That having said, most Blackjacks (as 2NE1 fans are lovingly known) are supportive and excited at the prospect of the “DaraGon” fantasy finally coming true, although it’s still puzzling as to why Sandara would be hiding upon exiting the concert.


What do y’all think? Was it really Sandara Park that G-Dragon was holding closely and protectively against himself? Why would Sandara Park be hiding her face from the crowd if she’s known to attend her colleagues’ events? More importantly, are you convinced that G-Dragon kissed Sandara Park in public? Or did it look like he was just turning towards to tell her something?

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Let us know your thoughts!

UPDATE (8pm, 9th January 2017):

According to South Korean media outlet My Daily, the supposed scandal between the 2 idols was nothing but a joke. My Daily quoted YG Entertainment as saying, “G-Dragon jokingly told Sandara Park to get their photos taken in that pose” but it blew up to become a full-fledged dating rumour.

Fans are not buying it, of course, with many calling it out to be a “lame excuse”. What do you guys think?

Source: uki____gram, My Daily.

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