He’s the leader of one of the biggest K-Pop idol boy groups in the world. He has appeared on multiply magazine covers and is constantly in high demand for features as well as interviews. He has all the riches and popularity in the South Korean entertainment industry, much to the envy of idols and even celebrities worldwide.

But it looks like he could be unhappy, according to his social media activities.

Although G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-Yong) recently celebrated his birthday with his friends at what looked like a fun party, he recently posted up cryptic messages on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. We’re not sure if it’s because he had a bad day after that or if he’s just tired but on Twitter, he posted 3 tweets which have worried his fans. The first 2 were Korean words which literally mean “submerge” but also a slang that means “hiatus” or “going into hiding”:

G-Dragon Twitter Hiatus
Source: G-Dragon’s Twitter

He later deleted the first 2 posts and replaced it with a thought bubble icon instead.

On Instagram, he uploaded a picture which read, “CAN I LIVE”. Originally, he posted it with a caption which read, “There’s No Privacy I’m sick&tired of it plz understand me GNITE all”. He later deleted it and re-uploaded just the picture alone but fans were able to take screenshots of it as quickly as it abruptly went away.


G-Dragon Instagram Can I Live

G-Dragon No Privacy Instagram

From those posts, G-Dragon fans and VIPs (as BIGBANG fans are lovingly called) are now worried for the wellbeing of their idol as some are convinced that he could be depressed. Obviously, something is making GD very unhappy.

However, this is not the first time that he has taken his social media account to express his dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Previously, he took to Twitter to say that he was stalked right up to his front door by “sasaeng” (obsessive) fans. Could it be because the “sasaeng” fans are at it again? Maybe he’s just tired due to his busy schedule as well?

After all, he briefly spoke about BIGBANG’s comeback plans at the YG Family Concert in Seoul about a week ago.


He told the audience at the concert:

I’m happy to hold a concert at a stadium in Korea and perform outside in the summer weather with you. Next week is BIGBANG’s 8th anniversary since our debut. It’s been a while since BIGBANG have released an album. I’ve been busy playing instead of working hard producing, so we couldn’t. I apologize. Anyway, I’ll work hard producing and try my best, so that we can release an album this year.

Let’s hope he feels better soon and let’s look forward to BIGBANG’s much anticipated and long awaited comeback.

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