Well, isn’t that obvious? BIGBANG leader G-Dragon and his rumoured girlfriend, Kiko Mizuhara were spotted dating again and this time around, their dating pictures were released by Korean media outlet Dispatch.

The interwebs have since gone a little “cray cray” over #JiKo again as Dispatch caught the alleged couple getting very intimate during a late-night date on September 16th.

The alleged couple were seen hanging out with a group of friends in the back alley of Itaewon, with Dispatch calling it the couple’s “hideout”.


As seen in the photos, the couple can be seen displaying bolder “skinship”; such as leaning against each other’s shoulder, touching each other, and generally staying in very close contact of each other.

Dispatch reported that the couple continued to display “skinship” in their late-night date and left in a YG Entertainment  vehicle with the rest in the early hours of the next day.

This isn’t the first time the couple was spotted dating as a Japanese Instagram user uploaded a photo of them dating in Miyakozima, Japan on September 24th. Earlier in August, an Instagram video was leaked from G-Dragon’s private Instagram account, showing the K-Pop superstar idol nominating people to do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and lovingly called one of them, “My dear Kiko”.

No prizes for guessing who “My dear Kiko” is, of course.

Not surprisingly, YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the photos yet but for now, what do you think about G-Dragon’s relationship with Kiko Mizuhara? Do you think they will reveal their relationship to the public soon?

G-Dragon and Kiko dating in Seoul

Did you always know anyway that they have always been dating anyway?


Let us know what you think in the comments box below.


According to News1, YG Entertainment has since released a short but sweet statement regarding the above pictures. The agency revealed, “We tend to respect the personal lives of our artistes so we don’t have anything to tell you at the moment.”

(Source: Dispatch via Soompi)

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