This is not for the faint hearted, but for all you thrill-seekers out there, perhaps you’ll be interested to take on an extreme sports adventure known as rope swing.

The newly introduced outdoor sport is believed to be the first of its kind in Malaysia and it’s slowly but surely making a buzz around social media. If you’re driving up to Fraser Hill, you can now drop by Kuala Kubu Baru Dam in Hulu Selangor to take part in this adrenaline pumping activity.

rope swing
Source: Discover KL

The rope swing is similar to bungee jumping in the sense that both involve jumping off a high platform or free falling. While bungee jump bounces back, the rope swing just swings you back and forth across the river.


Operated and managed by Rentas Adventure, this team of outdoor specialists also organise various exciting activities that include stargazing, cave exploration, mountain hiking, zip lining, waterfall abseiling, and many more.

So who’s up to experience a new thrill? Perhaps these clips will do the trick 😉

Alhamdulillah. With the hardship and so many obstacles we went thru for the only 1 Ultimate Dream, to make it really happen with a great SUCCESS! . And today, this is the result… >>The 1st EVER Ropeswing in Malaysia ?? ??<< . The most important credit to our TROOPERS for your great teamwork, spent days and nights of such massive and tough times to make sure all went smooth, safe and sound.. . Thanks a lot also for those people who really gave a hand, advices, opportunities, strong motivation & full support thru out the journey. We might not able to mention all names who got involved directly or indirectly, but you know who you are!! . From bottom of our heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH..Keep support us!!! #rentas_adventures #rentasropeswing #malaysiaboleh #tribies #ropeswing #rentas #mdhs #hammockersmalaysia #selangorhammockcamp2016 #hugsproject

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Kecut perut!! Terjunan Rope Swing pertama di Malaysia dengan ketinggian 60 meter dari Jambatan Sg Chilling. #rentas_adventures #rentas #ropeswing #ropeswingmalaysia #visithuluselangor2017


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The details for Rentas Adventure are as follows:

For more information on Rentas Adventure’s latest activities, follow them on Instagram here.

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