Whoa, Richard Marx is such a bad ass! Who knew?

80s Grammy award-winning hitmaker Richard Marx and his wife Daisy Fuentes, were travelling from Hanoi, Vietnam to Seoul, South Korea on Korean Air Flight 480 when a male passenger began attacking flight attendants and other passengers.

Richard Marx Korean Air 4
Source: Richard Marx

The man, who was sitting a row away from Richard, reportedly got violent and started pushing the female staff and pulling them by their hair. “When he started pushing the female staff and pulled them by the hair, (Marx) was the first to help subdue him. This went on for four hours,” Daisy said in an Instagram post.


The singer helped the stewardesses fight off and restrain the out-of-control passenger during the bizarre ordeal which lasted for nearly the entire 4-hour flight. Daisy captured the entire incident.

Richard Marx Korean Air 3
Source: Richard Marx

In a series of pictures, which was uploaded on Richard’s Facebook page, you can see Richard throwing elbows in an attempt to subdue the crazed man. In one image, Richard is seen holding a rope restraint.

According to Richard’s account of the incident, the Korean Air flight crew was “completely ill trained” for combat. “The all female crew was clueless and not trained as to how to restrain this psycho and he was only initially subdued when I and a couple other male passengers intervened. He then later easily broke his restraints and attacked more crew and another passenger,” he wrote.

Richard Marx Korean Air Flight 480
Source: Richard Marx

In Daisy’s account of the incident, she said, “I feel horrible for the abuse the staff had to endure but no one was prepared for this.”

“They never fully got control of him. They didn’t know how to use the taser and they didn’t know how to secure the rope around him (he got loose from their rope restraints 3 times). I’ll be posting some of the video after our next flight,” Daisy added.

2 passengers and a crew member were injured and the Seoul police arrested the deranged passenger when the plane landed in Incheon International Airport.

Sources: Reuters via CNA, TMZRichard Marx, Daisy Fuentes.

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