On Saturday (10th December), South Korean heartthrob Park Bo Gum (박보검) held his very first Malaysian fan meeting, titled “Oh Happy Day”, at KLCC Plenary Hall and it is hands down, the best Hallyu fan meeting we’ve attended this year.

Dubbed the “National Man of Good Influence” by South Korean media outlets, the “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” (aka “Love in the Moonlight”) actor impressed his fans with his sincere words, sporting character, and bright smile.

Source: IME Asia
Source: IME Asia

With a whopping total of 3,000 odd fans, both young and old, it’s evident that the actor’s fame in Malaysia is on the rise. Some fans even brought their whole family with them. Talk about family bonding game strong!


The event started off with “Chapter 1: Happy Q&A” whereby the emcee, Owen Yap of 8TV, asked Park a couple of questions that were submitted by fans. The actor revealed that he resembles Choi Taek from “Reply 1988” in real life, describing himself as someone who looks soft on the outside but is actually strong on the inside.

When asked about his childhood ambitions, Park answered that he wanted to be everything – be it a singer, pianist, flight attendant, or Korean teacher. After that, he unveiled several personal travel photos taken from Seoul to Hollywood, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Did any of you spot him around Dataran Merdeka last week?

Park then shared his favourite scenes from “Reply 1988” and “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”. As he is known to be a big family man, both scenes involved his characters (Choi Taek and Lee Young) opening up to their fathers. He even reminded fans that they should spend more time with their family. Aww <3

Watch one of the heartwarming scenes below:



Park also performed 2 songs – “A Little Girl” (소녀) and “Violet Fragrance” (보라빛향기) off “Reply 1988” OST album. The live stage was accompanied by twinkling lights and fans were delighted to hear the actor’s sweet singing voice and smooth piano skills.

For the 3rd session, titled “Happy Dining”, the star tried some iconic Malaysian dishes (satay, nasi lemak, and cendol) and his favourite is none other than satay! He loved it so much that he couldn’t stop eating. After feeding his empty tummy (he skipped lunch because he was nervous about the fan meeting), he made tuna rice balls onstage. Not only did he teach fans how to make his favourite dish, he even put it in 2 lunch boxes for 2 very lucky fans.

(Note: To make Park’s favourite rice balls, all you need is seaweed, tuna, mayo, and a pair of clean hands. Don’t say we didn’t share ?)

In the “Happy Games” segment, Park participated in a total of 5 different activities, including dancing to “Bombastic”, which sent fans into a frenzy. He also donned on a purple baju Melayu, which was given loud approval by fans, judging from their shrieks. Though the star seemed tired, he finished the games with enthusiasm and a big smile.

He ended the fan meeting with a handwritten letter that he wrote on his first night in Malaysia. He wrote:

“Hello, this is Park Bo Gum. I don’t why but I feel awkward writing this. When I first heard about my Asian tour, I was very worried. ‘Me? Will they know who I am?’

“When I first heard about Malaysia being my first stop, I was so anxious because Malaysia is a country that I have not promoted in, even once. Aside from the hot and late arrival, I am very thankful for those who welcomed me at the airport. But at the same time, I felt very sorry. All of you are precious children of your family and they are worried for your safety. I’m also concerned about whether there would be public transport for you to go home.

“I will do my very best to make 10th December 2016 an unforgettable day for both me and my fans. I truly wish that everyone’s life will always be filled with thankful things.”

Source: IME Asia
Source: IME Asia

Lastly, he sang “My Person” off “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” OST album as the event’s encore. Park even stood outside the hall to greet each and every fan good bye. Isn’t he the sweetest K-Drama actor ever?

We’ll be waiting for you to come back to Malaysia for another “bombastic” fan meeting, Bogummie!

Special thanks to IME Asia for the invite 🙂 Don’t forget to follow IME Asia via their official Facebook page.

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