It was the day Malaysian IGOT7s (as fans of GOT7 are lovingly known as) have all been waiting for. After more than a year and a half, the idol group finally came back to Malaysia on Sunday (4th December) for “Flight Log: Turbulence in Malaysia 2016” to put on a heck of a show.

Hours before the Malaysian leg of the tour started, fans crowded the venue. Banners of the members were set up in front of the concert hall and IGOT7s took the opportunity to take photos with the members of their choice. Well, if you can’t snap a photo with them in person, the next best thing would be a full-sized banner, right? 😉

Source: IME Asia
Source: IME Asia

At around 6pm, the lights dimmed and fans screamed their hearts out as silhouettes could be seen on stage. Alas, it wasn’t the boys who appeared on stage, but the emcee and the translator of the night. It elicited nervous laughter from fans as they’ve been patiently waiting for the appearance of their beloved idols.


However, GOT7 did not make fans wait, as they emerged on stage moments later to perform 2 slow numbers off their latest album, “Flight Log: Turbulence”, which were “Let Me” and “Prove It”. Understandably, it melted the hearts of IGOT7s, who were used to the group performing faster and more upbeat songs like their previous title tracks “A”, “Stop Stop It”, and “Just Right”.

GOT7 just exploded on stage with “Let Me”! Their vocals are killing us ?

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After the performance, they went backstage for a short break, but appeared once again for the interaction session.

A board filled with questions and requests from fans were brought up to stage and the members had to choose a post-it note and fulfil the request of said fan. It seemed like Youngjae was the most popular member as most of the requests were directed to him, and the members also had a field day making him do things.

The main vocalist was made to deliver ridiculous demands such as breaking out into a sexy dance (with the accompaniment of dance machine Yugyeom), rap Bambam’s part in “Hard Carry”, and showed his love to fans by using his body. However, the highlight of the evening was when the singer sang his solo track “Trauma” live. It was a surprise as the song wasn’t an official release and the singer never got to serenade fans in official events.

#Youngjae just sang his solo track, “Trauma”, and we’re swooning ? #GOT7 #GOTinKL #GOT7inMY #FlightLog #FlightLogTurbulence #Concert #Youngjae


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The boys then performed 2 more numbers – “Boom X3” and “No Jam” – before coming back for the game sessions. They were asked to play a few games and the loser(s) had to pose for a ugly photo. For a game called “Guess The Item”, the members were split into 2 teams and separated by their age. The hyung team was made up of Mark, JB, Jinyoung, and Jackson, while the maknae team was comprised of Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom.

Both teams had to put their hands into a box and guess the item that was inside by just touching it. This ensued in some hilarious moments as the members tried their best to guess the item but were afraid of whatever that was inside. However, Bambam, being a Thai himself, guessed his item correctly (a Dragonfruit, a well-known fruit in Southeast Asia) while Jackson guessed his team’s item (a Starfruit) correctly based on the shape.

As it was a draw, the both teams played rock, paper, scissors to determine the loser. Lo and behold, it was the maknae team that lost and they were required to make ugly faces for a Polaroid photo.

Source: IME Asia
Source: IME Asia

Jackson, Jinyoung, and JB were fairly quiet at the beginning, but while it was typical for Jinyoung and JB to not talk much – they’re men of few words, after all. We were surprised that Jackson (the most talkative member of the team) kept up the silent front. However, it might be because the Hong Kong national was seated at the far left, which was at the opposite end of the emcee, or needed some time to warm up.

Our worries were for naught, as the former fencer soon resumed his talkative self and chattered away. He was also the most active one during the games, aside from Bambam, making mischievous jokes and hyping up the crowd. Jackson also spoke in Cantonese, which delighted fans to no end!

He told fans to protect themselves and while he understood that the weather was extremely hot in the country, he advised female IGOT7s to not wear shorts and to protect themselves well in a very protective and possessive manner ?  That incited rapturous laughter from fans who couldn’t contain their glee.

During the ending talk session, the boys said their goodbyes and thanked fans for attending the show. They expressed their gratitude to Malaysian fans profusely, as when they came to the country in 2014 to shoot the music video for “A”, they were surprised by the warm welcome and the amount of fans who greeted them at the airport.

A short VCR made by fans to GOT7 was then shown on screen, before the boys burst onstage for the last time to perform their latest title track, “Hard Carry“.

The last time the boys were here, the group was only 1 year old and their inexperience showed on stage. They admitted that they were nervous and their conversations were filled with awkward silences. This time around, thought, they were more comfortable with the crowd and they put on a good show while entertaining the crowd as best as they could.

Our only gripe was that they didn’t perform more songs but it’s understandable, considering that it was a fan meeting instead of a full-fledged concert. We’ll be waiting for a concert, for sure 😉

The track list for “Flight Log: Turbulence in Malaysia 2016” is as follows:

  1. Let Me
  2. Prove It
  3. Boom X3
  4. No Jam
  5. Fly
  6. If You Do
  7. Hard Carry


  1. Home Run

If you’d like to relive the night or didn’t get a chance to attend the fan meet, fret not, our Instagram is filled with videos and photos from the day. Don’t say we didn’t share 😉

Special thanks to our friends from IME Asia for extending the invite. Till next time, GOT7!

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