1, 2, 3…Come and get it. Hello, we are GOT7!

The members of Korean boy band GOT7 received a rapturous response from the sea of shrieking fans when they introduced themselves on the stage of their 1st fanmeeting in Malaysia. Our ears felt muffled and were still ringing after the fanmeeting, but it didn’t matter for the fans who bought their tickets to the 90-minute long of fun, harmless time with their idols.

GOT7 1st Fanmeeting In Malaysia
SOURCE: Erama Creative’s official Facebook page

The 7-member multinational boy group previously came to Malaysia for the music video filming of their hit single, “A“. During the press conference of the fanmeeting, they stated that Malaysian fans were very friendly and they were very thankful of their support, especially during the music video filming that took place in Shah Alam and Kota Damansara.


When we asked whether they are still experiencing stage fright, Thai member Bam Bam answered, “Not really” while Jackson chimed in and jokingly said, “Yes! Because there are some monsters on stage!“. JB and JR then answered that they could feel their rapid heart beat, but they would concentrate and calm themselves down and do well for the performance.

Having understood some part of our culture and tried some iconic Malaysian dishes here, the boys were able to communicate with the press conference host, Jin of JinnyboyTV and the fans at ease. When a journalist from another publication asked how they attract new fans, hilarity ensued as Jackson answered that he would “Go beside their ears and whisper: Hey I’m Got7.


The fanmeeting was held on 5pm at KL Live, but fans can be seen forming long lines outside the venue from as early as sometime in the morning. As soon as the organiser opened the gates, the venue was immediately filled with both local and overseas fans.

Jin came on stage again as the host of the fanmeeting and he built up the hype by announcing that fans will be given the opportunity to interact with GOT7 on stage. After randomly selecting a few lucky fans through a lucky draw session, the crowd collectively let out high-pitched screams when Jin finally invited GOT7 on stage.

The boys kicked off the fanmeeting by performing “Stop Stop It” and “Gimme,” charming the fans with their powerful vocals and slick dance moves. After performing 2 songs in a row, the boys took a break and finally greeted their Malaysian fans with, “Apa Khabar!” and individually introduced themselves in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

GOT7’s Hong Kong member Jackson was told that some Malaysian fans can speak Cantonese and so, he decided to greet them by asking: “食咗饭没啊‬? (translation: Have you eaten?)“. He was pleasantly surprised and excited when almost everyone in the venue replied him in Cantonese.

Jackson of GOT7

The boys seemed to have fun in all the game segments prepared by the organiser too!


In one of the game segments, they were asked to guess that the name of a Malaysian traditional dance shown in a video. They immediately started dancing to it on stage and at one point, JR bowed to the fans and apologised when Mark suddenly hugged him from behind and carried him up and down like a baby.

They moved on to the next segment and took a “groupfie” with the lucky fans who were earlier chosen to go on stage. The security was significantly stricter this time, especially after B1A4’s fanmeeting in Malaysia came under fire for allowing tudung-clad Malay fans to hug the idols. Whenever the fans came on stage for a game segment or a photo session, the security guards stood aside to ensure that the tudung-clad fans kept a certain distance from the idols.

The boys proceeded to perform another 5 songs with a few breaks and game sessions in between.

They were asked to guess the items in a mysterious box in a game segment called “What’s In The Box”. When Yugyeom got a sepak takraw, BamBam immediately took it and played with it on the stage. Jackson jokingly said that the Orang Utan plushie from Mark’s box bears a striking resemblance to Park Jin Young, the founder of their company JYP Entertainment. The members flocked to JR’s side when he got a plate of the Indian traditional snack, Murukku, while Youngjae got a Tanjak and decided to wear it throughout the whole game segment.

The venue was once again filled with deafening screams when they proceeded to read the questions that the fans have left on a memo board. Fans erupted in laughter when Jackson decided to hug BamBam after receiving a message that said “Jackson, I love you by Bambam!

When JR was reading a letter in fluent English, Jackson went “Whoa!” and imitated his accent.


Each and every single one of them did excellent fan services as they occasionally spoiled the fans by doing silly facial expressions and throwing playful winks at the fans.

However, the most memorable part of the event was when the fans surprised Jackson with a cute little birthday cake and some fondant cupcakes. As Jackson’s birthday falls on 28th March, which a week after the fanmeeting, the fans decided to celebrate his birthday earlier. Jackson was touched by the fans’ sweet gestures and thanked them for celebrating his birthday here in Malaysia.

After the birthday celebration, the boys took a break and came back on stage once again to perform their hit single, “Bounce”. The song had the crowd screaming for their names as they constantly teased the fans by taking off their jackets and showing off their well-toned arms.

Before leaving the stage, the boys bade farewell to the fans and promised that they would definitely come back to Malaysia again.

GOT7’s 1st Fanmeeting In Malaysia Full Track List:

  • Stop Stop it
  • Gimme
  • MoonLight
  • Forever Young
  • A
  • Girls Girls Girls
  • Bounce

Special thanks to Erama Creative for bringing them to Malaysia and we hope the boys will make their way to Malaysia again for a full fledged concert 😀

For more updates, check out Erama Creative’s official Facebook page and Twitter account.

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