“It’s just a dog, f-ck you,” said a woman who ran over a sheltered dog named Sayang with her car in Singapore.

Lixin Tan, founder of Animals of Singapore, took to Facebook to share a very cruel incident that happened to one of an animal shelter’s dog. According to her post, when Sayang was ran over, the car’s wheels rolled over him and he was hit several times by the mud guard as “the driver didn’t stop”. 


Tan said that the shelter, Animal Lovers League (ALL), has filed a police report against the woman and that the incident took place right outside the shelter at around 10:30am along Pasir Ris Farmway 3.

“We are pursuing this case to raise awareness that animals are protected under the Animals and Birds Act and we hope the Authorities will agree that such callous attitude towards an animal cannot be condoned as stipulated therein. We stand firm in this our pursuit to see the integrity of the Law for the protection of our animals upheld,” wrote ALL.

The non-profit organisation also stated that 2 witnesses asked her to stop and help them with the injured dog but she responded rudely and drove off. They also added that the woman’s car plate number is SJR9248E and that Sayang is currently at the vets, under observation for internal bleeding.

You can read the full incident below:

Upon reading Tan and ALL’s posts, which went viral, many netizens expressed their anger and frustration towards the woman’s cruel behaviour. As of press time, Tan’s post was shared over 14,000 times.

One user known as Ouyang wrote, “This really makes me fuming…After all these news and law related to hit-and-run on animals, there are still bastards out there who are either ignorant or has no sympathy towards animals life. May that driver be caught soon and given the most harsh punishment”.

Source: ALL's Facebook page
Source: ALL’s Facebook page

Animal Lovers League is a registered charity organisation that shelters about 700 dogs and cats. The organisation aims to encourage the public to adopt instead of buying animals, and endeavour to rejoin the animals at ALL with loving and committed families.


For more information about the organisation and Sayang’s condition, visit Animal Lovers League’s Facebook page and website.

Sources: Lixin Tan’s Facebook pageAnimal Lovers League’s Facebook page, Channel News Asia.

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